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Our Main VSTi
MAC & PC (VST & A.U.)

will have you producing fresh tracks right out of the box! It's absolutely slammed and loaded with thousands of perfected samples made for hip hop, house, dubstep, jungle, reggae, R&B, electronic, and just about any genre you can think of.

ADSR wtih a quick built in reverb and LFO settings is all you need with this 8 octave beast as your foundation to your beats and melodies. Watch it in action below.

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The Norbox Is iLLLLL
PC Only -

This thing is off the chain! It was supposed to be a quick effects rack but it just kept growing until it became.... the Norbox, a mastering & effects bundle.

30 band EQ that you can sync up or leave off for that stereo image feel, a chaos pad PER EAR and one for both, effects everywhere, a set of filters, 66 band popper, stereo echo... I'll tell ya it doesn't matter what you're doing in the studio, THIS will make it sound better, fast.

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SOS Pre-amp
PC Only -

Plug in your mic (or audio track), set the pre-amp to your desired settings, and booom!

While you can't replace a real pre-amp with a virtual one, this comes pretty damn close!

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Samploid = Sick!
PC Only -

While simple in concept, this sampler/rompler delivers with a boom. First you simply load/set a folder from your machine that has .wav's in it - then select a main sample, and voila - you are controlling the folders samples on the keys OR you're keyspanning one sample across all octaves.

You can also set the kit to reverse on trigger, and you'll notice the 30 band EQ + FX rack here as well, polished :).

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The WubWub Synth
PC Only -

"Your track needs some wubwub and wobbles bro".... hehe, not anymore!

This 4 oscillator synth with chaos pad and effects rack generates a wubwub sound that'll have other producers cocking their head sideways wondering how the F* you got that low-end so cleeeean.

You can also mimick just about any instrument with this synth.


Size DOES Matter - And This Rack Is Quite Impressive


DUBturbo has finally released their VSTi and VST effects series for the intermediate to professional producer & sound engineer. We went in deep on this - accomodating everyones needs in one amazing package. Whether you're a hiphop producer, a dubstep dj/remix artist, a vocalist looking for a clean performance, or even a film/audio engineer, you'll find exactly what you need here to make that magic happen.

We boast an impressive virtual vst rack just jam packed with samplers, romplers, effects and mastering kits, pre-amps, a dubstep aimed synth and tone generator, and more - all utilizing the standard VST(i) compatibility that studio owners have grown to love recently.

We've been re-inspired to continue to evolve our DUBturbo brand, which started as a simple beat maker & has now grown into a monster on us. The end result is YOU getting wicked music production software and tools that are aimed at todays hottest genres and music styles.


It Doesn't Matter What You Do In The Studio - This Applies To Everything

We wanted to release a package that would accomodate as many studios & producers as possible for one low price.

* Recording vocals? No problem, clean them up and get that perfect performance in post (or in preview) with ease.

* Making sick beats? Piece of cake with 2400+ sounds and literally endless combinations of effects to make beats bang.

* Getting the most out of your mixed down master is easy peasy with our mastering rack to get your sound peaked.

* Everything is writable/automatable too so you can really tweak your flow (especially nice for house, dubstep, jungle and electronic build ups/drops and that wub wub bass boom.

* Got a huge collection of .wav file samples? Line them up on your keys alphabetically and turn any folder on your PC into a full blown rompler with touch sensitivity and effects everywhere.

* Generate a CLEAN sound with our synth module that can mimick instruments like piano's and violin's easily OR pump out some twangy winy wicked electroid cuts and melodies with the chaos pad and pitch bend - it's all yours for the making.

* EQ to perfection - you can NEVER have enough EQ in your mix. All our modules come with EQ and sound design options to shape your audio the way YOU want it to sound. 30 band EQ's, 66 band popper EQ's, Parametric EQ's, sync option let's you master both ears together or turn it off and get to automating sweet left/right stereo effects... Don't underestimate the power of a great equalizer, often times it's all you need for hot mastering.

* VOXES - One last note - we've also packed the VSTi with tons of voxes, male and female, chopped/screwed sentences, and an array of unique samples and fx that are perfect for todays tunes.



You also get our standalone version as well!!
(installs on MAC & PC & runs ONLINE as well for when you travel
or want to make beats while not at your PC).



DT Sequencer - You're Gonna Love It!
FEATURES: Keyboard shortcuts everywhere so you can maneuver around the ap and produce FAST! Familiar panel layout to big DAW's and production tools make this EASY to use, and easy to transition into other software later in your career. We also link you to our contests and submission section from this screen to keep you fresh.

16 Tracks Of Stereo Boomin' Sound To Build Your Hot Beats With.
EASILY Draw in or Trigger Sounds w/Keyboard shortcuts.
Draw In Bars & Build In 2 Clicks - Change Sounds/Patterns Fast.
Drag & Copy Your Bars Around - Then Edit Them, Easy!
Jog Through 1000's Of Sounds & Drums Browse Or Pre-Set!
Record Live To The Metronome or Draw or Tap In Your Beats.
Edit Volumes, Go Solo, Mute, Save, edit Tempo + More!
Export Your 44.1 Studio Quality .wav Master - Industry Standard!



DUBturbo BadAss Drum Machine Panel
FEATURES: EVERY Pad has a keyboard trigger assigned to it (going 1-10 (zero) moving up the keyboard) so you can bang in your beats on the keyboard you type on like you were on an MPC! THIS IS SICKKKKK < Must Try It! There's a little demo for you below.


10 Pads per Kit, 40+ kits, PERK = import your own samples!
EASY To Record Your Beat With Triggers Or DRAW It In.
Change Your Kit Selection On The Fly To Change Up Beats FAST.
Edit Volume Of Each Pad + Perfectly Mix The Whole Kit Easily.
Move Sounds Around, Erase With Ease - IMPORT YOUR OWN!
All Drums Have Been MASTERED! Jaw-Dropping-Quality: Always!
Stereo Imaging Everywhere (Your Beat Will Sound 'Full').
Export Just The Drums Or Full tracks! Mute/Solo Export Calls.


4 Octave Wicked Sampling Keyboard
Two octaves of the four are controlled by your keyboard (the one you type on), So you can play your melodies using keys, NO NEED FOR MIDI CONTROLLERS - This is standalone - and proud! You get everything here from pianos, to saxes, stabs, hiphop hits, quirks, bass, bells, and top shelf samples all around to ensure authenticity in each beat! And you can import your own sounds easily.
Awesome 4 full octave keyboard, Others Give You 1 or 2...
Simply Draw In Melodies Or Play/Record With Keyboard!
Change Your Instrument Selection On The Fly - NO load time!
Edit Volume Of Each Sample + Overlap Other Sounds FAST!
Move Sounds Around or Erase Notes With One Click.
1000's of Sounds - All MASTERED & Stereo Imaged!!
Auto Quantize Your Recording - Notes Snap to The Right Spots!

Get Your Copy Now & Start Cracking Out Your Best Creations Tonight!


Here's Another Look At What You Get:
DUBturbo VST(i) - HOT JUST LAUNCHED!!!! - $39.95!
DUBturbo 2.0 Software - Standalone & online versions $39.95 - FREE
Access To Full Install & 247 Online Version - HOT feature! - FREE
14 Premium Sample Packs - Amazing premium! $449 - FREE
Movie & Mood Royalty Free Tracks - Scene/mood $199 - FREE
DT & ArtOfBeats Instrumentals - Royalty Free beats $249 - FREE
DUBturbo SAMPLOID - PC Only - Sampler to make Romplers - FREE
DUBturbo NORBOX - PC Only - Mastering & Effects Unit - FREE
DUBturbo WUBWUB - PC Only - Make your own dutty wubz & bass - FREE
DUBturbo PREAMP - PC Only - Grimy distortion & power pre amp - FREE
Accappellas Bonus - Holly Staruch Accappellas & Bonus Voxes - FREE
Training Videos - How to produce HITS in minutes - FREE
---- Premium Updates When We Update Our Kits

---- Full 60 Day No Questions Asked Refund Policy


ONLY $39.95 - HURRY!!



This is a one time payment, price may change without notice.


Your online order is 100% SAFE and SECURE!
Your order will be processed through "ClickBank" & ensures that your transaction is secured by 128bit SSL encryption. All your information remains private & secure (we do not see or store any credit card information). We guarantee the safety & protection of your personal information.

PS: Don't forget, if you're not happy with what we're doing here after you try it, I promise to give you 100% of your money back - right from my personal bank account. So you have NOTHING to lose today, and a LOT to gain - after all you wouldn't be here if you weren't looking to make great beats, right? So that's my promise - if you're not COMPLETELY satisfied = You get your money back, and perhaps try it again once we're further along in development (and the price is x times as much...).

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